Benefits of the Value-based Sales Kit

  • Accelerates marketing and sales processes
  • Increases sales team productivity
  • Helps increase average selling price
  • Shortens sales cycle

Get to “Yes” faster. Accelerate your sales processes with KodaCon’s Value-based Sales Kit, a comprehensive set of marketing collateral and sales tools for each stage of the sales cycle, customized for your team and your products.

“Value-based” means that KodaCon works with the best ideas and practices from your own company to build a strategy for refining what is too often an unstructured sales process. We help you ask the right questions to determine your customer’s value profile and to get clear on what you need to do to fit into it.

Your sales team gets a roadmap for identifying the most productive areas of business for you now. Then our performance enhancement tools help everyone, regardless of their level, sell more effectively.

Typical deliverables

  • Customer profile and business value profile
  • Playbook, battle card, customer presentation
  • Executive brief

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