In the same way that KodaCon’s approach to marketing services is based on an integrated approach, we make corporate social responsibility an integral part of the KodaCon business vision, strategy, management practices, and long term goals.

We have a reputation for transparency and for fair and ethical business practices. With our clients, vendors and team members, we base our practices on clear communications that create a climate of mutual trust and respect.

We believe that the attitudes and quality standards of every person on our team have an impact not only on other team members and on our clients, but on the larger world. From the beginning, one of our fixed goals has been to make KodaCon an inspiring and gratifying place to be, where people consistently do their best work. We believe the benefits of such an environment extend well beyond the boundaries of our immediate business projects.

Through our signature Entrepreneurs in Training (EIT) program, we are investing in the future through developing the next generation of business leaders. EIT extends business and entrepreneurship education to middle and high school students, equipping them to make informed decisions that affect their financial future and that will contribute positively to the productivity of the world economy.

The same core values that we teach our young entrepreneurs are ones that KodaCon instills in our entire team: commitment, initiative, passion, respect, responsibility and teamwork.

In everything we do, we strive to have a positive impact – on KodaCon clients, their customers, our own team, the local and international organizations we support, and on the larger world.

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