Brand Benefits

  • Accelerate meaningful sales conversations
  • Generate social buzz
  • Elevate engagement rates
  • See your U.S. paid media entertainment investments work harder and appear globally
  • Reach other ancillary markets at no cost

At KodaCon, we offer brand affinity strategies that really work. We’ll show you how to showcase your products within and around emotionally rich, Hollywood-produced content that will excite your target audience and set you apart from your competition.

We build custom 360° Entertainment Marketing campaigns and offer many services including product placement (TV, feature film, video games and original digital content), media strategy and sponsorships.

We can also recommend and/or collaborate with the right partners to generate big buzz around your brand, establishing a unique and solid position for it in the minds of your target audience.

Typical Deliverables

  • Entertainment media strategy (recommending the best properties and partners)
  • Planning in collaboration with your marketing and agency teams
  • Execution services
  • ROI analysis

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